In Search of a King


I’ll admit it.  There are days when I feel I am merely coasting, trying to get by; downright uninspired by the things that I must do to keep my responsibilities and life humming along.  I think times like these happen to all of us on occasion. 

What is dangerous for me, is how easily I can get off track.  My mind and thoughts wander.  I get distracted in thinking that a little excitement would do me some good — I compare my circumstances against others and wonder at my predicaments, frustrated.

I fail to see that everyone has some sort of silent battle going on in their heads. Everyone. 

After arriving in the Promised Land, the people of Israel had a similar situation.  They were bored.  They looked around at all the other nations and envied them.  Instead of God, they wanted a man to lead them.  Going  to Samuel, they pleaded their case.  “Appoint a king to lead us, such as all the nations have.” 

Samuel warned the people that such a move would enslave them, not empower them.  But they persisted and Saul was made king.

When things are not happening fast enough, when in “God’s time” feels like an eternity, I search my thoughts and ways that I can perhaps hurry Him up a bit.  I contemplate how I can instigate a situation, influencing a response that will make my new season come faster.  Rather than letting God lead me, I look for a man who I think may want the job.  

What reigns, is only disappointment.

When we discount what God has given us, ready to trade it all for what’s behind another curtain, another door, we sin.   We bargain and negotiate with God, unsettled by our circumstances.   We focus on how our situations are imperfect, rather than seeing how He is working in them.

Certainly, God wants good things for us.  He wants to bless us, bless our relationships, to lift us up and grow us so that we may in turn give Him praise.  He wants for our lives to be a testimony to His Kingship, not the world’s.  

God knew that the Israelites were rejecting Him.  He knew that their  seeking a worldly king would take their eyes off what He wanted for them.  They were willing to make the trade.

When I wallow in my own lament, I find myself wishing for something that will fill what may be a temporary void in my life.  I might even question if God is fully aware of my difficulties, and think I need to do something to hasten Him responding to my plight.  

But this never works.  

God knows what is best for us.  When we turn from Him, we think that we are gaining the excitement of something new.  Instead, we become trapped by the very thing we think will bring us pleasure or happiness.  It is short-sighted and always leads to sin.  It always ends up harming us more than we can imagine. 

People who leave the path of righteousness, who intentionally hurt others through their selfish ways and decisions, who seek the world’s approval over God’s, find themselves becoming slaves to a master that will never be satisfied.  Though they yearn for something more, they exchange their souls for less. 

It’s okay that we feel from time to time as though life is not perfect.  It’s not.  

As with all things, bring it before Him, pouring out your expectations and desires.  Ask Him to open your eyes and reawaken the parts within that have fallen in unbelief.  He is leading you to better days. He wants for us exceedingly and abundantly more that we can hope for or imagine. 

God desires that we seek Him first in all things.  He is always listening.

He is our King.