It’s the little things…

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed.  I dislike the tendency I have to  seize-up, to procrastinate, to appraise all that I must do as if it were the building of Rome and it must be done all in one day.

Having a vision is one thing; making it become a reality is another. 

The devil, they say, is in the details, and he has a way of getting us distracted and discouraged so that we do not attend to them.


Daily obedience to little things creates big results.  We think we can let things go, do them tomorrow, start that project next week… And what we get is more of the same: a growing list of what we have not accomplished. 

The enemy loves it when we feel shame and frustration.  When we feel stuck and unfulfilled, the blaming and “if only’s” come in rapid-fire to counter and assuage our ineffectiveness.  

None of this is of God.

God wants for us to have a fulfilling life.  He wants us to be blessed financially, relationally, and in the realization of dreams that He has placed within us to achieve.  When are partnered with Him, putting one foot in front of the other and doing what is in our hands to do, He does the rest. He does what only He can do. 

When we do our part, we activate the partnership He has with us to see us through the process and achieve results. 

God tells us not to despise the day of small beginnings. Daily obedience is the key to building momentum, confidence and strength in all areas.  By being faithful in the little things, He is readying for the greater that is coming.

Attending to fundamental habits, no matter how mundane they seem, groom our intentions and instincts so that we can build on them.  It’s practicing scales on a piano so that we can one day play a symphony.  It’s walking around the block so we can one day run a 5K.  It’s writing a paragraph in our journal so we can then make it a page, then a chapter, then a book.  

What one thing if you did it each day in your work would build and bring you to a new level of success?  How about your health?  Your housekeeping?  Your savings?  Your attitude?  Your faith?

Such a principal can be applied to everything we do.  Simple daily applications of focus build momentum, synergy, strength, a foundation of habits that collectively create results.

Overwhelm is disempowering.  It impedes our progress, distracting us from the potential of each day to make a tiny impact toward big accomplishments.

God wants for us to achieve the things He has placed in our hearts to do.  He walks along side us, encouraging us to walk in faith, not by sight. Just one step, and then another. 

If He’s given us the vision, He’s given us what we need to accomplish it. It’s up to us.  

Are you waiting on Him?  Or is He waiting on you? 

Take a step today.  Envision a plan, an idea, a purpose that if you accomplished just one tiny daily effort towards it would build so that in time you would achieve your goal.

Do not despise your small beginning.  Honor it.  Do it.  Know that He is in the little things with you.

Great things await!